Right-Tech Communications
On-Site Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Computer Optimizing, Technical Support, Software/Hardware Installation, Network Setup, Custom Computer Sales, Remote Support, Rural/Wireless Internet Provider!
We specialize in:
- In Office/On-Site Repairs
- Upgrade & Preformance Optimization
- Networking
- Custom System Set-Up
- Virus Detection and Removal
- Security and Performance
- Hardware/Software Installation
- Remote Service and Support
- Rural/Wireless Internet Service Provider
- And Much More

With todays need for fast, cheap, reliable internet, you need a service provider that you can trust.  Right Tech Communications is there to help,  we use the newest technology and provide customer service like no other company out there.  Call now to see if you are in our service area.
519-577-2302 - Corey
519-577-3000 - Cassy
519-584-5905 - Brandon
TeamViewer for Remote Support Using TeamViewer for Remote Support!
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We have a new location!!!
Come visit us at...
2193 Perth Line 29 in
Tavistock, Ontario